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The World's Premiere Gold-Backed Digital Security

First Ever Digitization, Tokenization, and Securitization of In-Situ Gold Reserves and Unrefined Gold

State-of-the-art asset-digitization and securitization solutions engineered to provide a secure, fast, transparent, and institutional-grade ecosystem that digitizes documentary evidence of gold reserve ownership into secure, asset- backed digital securities delivering liquidity to a wide-array of asset classes

Asset Digitization, Tokenization, and Securitization

Emerging digital technologies are currently revolutionizing the world’s economy and investment landscape. These technologies are at the forefront of the rapidly expanding decentralized finance (DeFi) and asset-backed digital securities market. The e-commerce marketplace also relies heavily on these technologies.

I-ON Digital Corp is a standout leader among the many companies working to integrate these new technologies into mainstream financial services. The company leverages a growing portfolio of cutting-edge proprietary technologies and state-of-the-art smart contract and automated workflow platforms. The result is a robust, fully-compliant, secure DeFi ecosystem that is poised to fuel the next generation of banking, asset and precious metal digitization, and digital payment services worldwide.

By focusing on innovation and collaboration, I-ON Digital Corp opens the door to new financial opportunities globally, taking full advantage of the potential these digital tools have to offer.

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Zero-Trust, Institutional-Grade, Asset Securitization Ecosystem

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The world of digital technologies is constantly evolving and with it, the possibilities for creating innovative systems and platforms. One area where this is particularly evident is in the expansion of e-commerce, decentralized finance (DeFi) and digital securities market. These areas are becoming more and more important for everyone, from businesses to individuals.

Fortunately, I-ON Digital Corp has stepped up to the challenge and is leading the way with its proprietary technologies and state-of-the-art platforms. We have done the necessary work to ensure that their DeFi ecosystems comply with regulations and are securely implemented. The contributions of I-ON Digital Corp in the growth of digitized banking, precious metal, asset management, and digital payment services are set to transform the way people do business around the world. With their expertise in the field, it’s no wonder I-ON Digital Corp is a game-changer in the industry.

In Situ Gold and Precious Metal Digitization

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I-ON is proud to announce their latest breakthrough in asset management: the asset-digitization platform. With this cutting-edge technology, physical gold and gold claims can be efficiently managed on an hybrid distributed ledger. This revolutionary platform utilizes state-of-the-art smart contracts and sophisticated workflow management technologies to ensure streamlined operations. By digitizing the ownership records of recoverable precious metal reserves into digital certificates, reserve owners and peripheral investors can benefit from increased liquidity and expansion of their gold portfolios. This platform also offers a unique ability to bring liquidity and accepted value to gold in all its forms. As a result, I-ON is proud to offer a brand new financial instrument: regulatory compliant digital securities that can be leveraged for financing, collateralization, hypothecation, private transactions, or simply balance sheet enhancements. Join us in the deployment stage of this groundbreaking platform today!

World’s Most Recognized Asset

Unlocks Liquidity Through Digitization

Collateralize Favorable Lending

Leverages Stability & Value of Gold Sector

Compliant Asset-Backed Securities

Asset-Backed Securitization and Monetization

In today’s financial landscape marked by extreme volatility, the worth of commodities and the universal exchange rate of gold have caught the attention of individuals and investors alike. To put this into perspective, there are currently 165,000 metric tons of refined gold available in the marketplace. However, there’s an additional 35 billion metric tons of unrefined gold which, at present, holds no transactional value in the marketplace.

But the issue at hand is that gold claim stakeholders are currently facing a significant hurdle. They possess the tenure of a highly sought-after and valuable commodity. Still, many junior mining companies and reserve owners require a market mechanism to monetize their holdings fully. This predicament is akin to the classic “chicken or egg” situation.

Fortunately, with the digitization of mineral rights and the creation of asset-backed digital securities, reserve owners can create liquidity even before the reserves are mined, refined, and sold in the marketplace. In doing so, this opens up an opportunity to collateralize illiquid assets for loans, private exchange or sale to investors seeking an attractive risk-to-return ratio. Digitization also allows stakeholders to better quantify their asset’s value for tax and financial reporting purposes.

precious metals asset digitization securitization monetization hypothecation digital banking A token representing the contrast between minted gold and unminted gold.