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I-ON Digital Corp Executive Leadership

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Carlos X. Montoya

Chief Executive Officer & Chairman

In addition to his role at I-ON Digital Corp, Mr. Montoya is the Founder & Chairman of Tall Ship Resource Development LLC, a privately held Investment Banking concern focused on Commercial Real Estate development, Mineral-Resources procurement, and advanced Financial Systems Technology. Recognized as a leading Chicago, IL based Business and Investment Banking executive, he has a 35-year record in acquiring, building, and operating Commercial and Merchant Banking groups; establishing Enterprise Risk Management infrastructure; and in the development of Strategic Capital resources. He is credited with the real-time development of one of the world’s first transaction­based, tier-one level regulatory compliant Digital Asset Ecosystems.

Mr. Montoya is also the Founder & Chairman of MCM Advisors, LLC, a privately held Bank Service-Bureau platform specializing in institutional-level infrastructure and management support services for both standard currency and digital asset based banking platforms. He separately Founded Tall Ship Partners Fund LLC, a boutique Investment Banking platform envisioned and designed to introduce and facilitate institutional level US & global financial transactions featuring, among other transformative digital asset solutions, the Gold-backed Orebits Digital Asset.

As past President & CEO of Republic Bank of Chicago (RBC), Mr. Montoya played a key role in the growth and development of this innovative and highly regarded institution (current assets: $2.2 billion). During his 15-year tenure at RBC, he served the entire period as Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board – serving his final 5 years at RBC as the President & CEO of the institution. A graduate of Loyola University of Chicago, Member – Alpha Sigma Nu Honor Society & Darnen Society Award recipient, he also attended the University of Delaware, Stonier Graduate School of Banking.

Mr. Montoya has served as Chairman, President & CEO, Founder and Trustee of universities (Loyola University Chicago, Notre Dame – Latino Institute), hospitals
(Loyola Medicine), banking institutions (Republic, FCCB, AAB), museums (Mexican National Museum of Chicago, Art Institute of Chicago – Business Advisory Board), theatre groups (Goodman Theatre), and Community /Charitable Organizations
(MALDEF, Chicago Scholars, Latino Leadership Council).
He is the former two-term Chairman of the Board of the Illinois Property Tax Appeals Board (PTAB) and a veteran of the United Sates Coast Guard.

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Ken Park

Chief Marketing Officer & Director

Mr. Park is the founder and president of Oktane Media, a 25-year-old media agency specializing in digital media strategies for consumer brands such as Adobe Systems, AEGON, Atlantic Records, Charter Next Generation, and more. As an evangelist for emerging technologies, Mr. Park has a deep understanding of how to use digital media engagement to strengthen branding and create 1-to-1 customer relationships.

Throughout his career, Mr. Park has played the role of evangelist and pioneer for a wide range of emerging technologies, focusing on using digital media engagement to strengthen branding, develop 1-to-1 consumer relationships, and deliver direct sales channels for consumer brands. Mr. Park was the key strategist behind HyperCD — a patented technology that delivered fully encrypted, high-quality video over any speed Internet connection, as well as serving in a marketing and technology solutions capacity for Supermicro, Prodigy Services, and alternative music publisher CMJ where he oversaw the company’s sales force and helped develop the company’s business-to-business and consumer online strategies.

Mr. Park’s expertise in sports and entertainment marketing began with an eight-year career as a world-ranked professional skateboarder, where he traveled abroad and acted as an ambassador of the sport in the late 80’s and early 90‘s. His entrepreneurial spirit began his early twenties when he founded two upscale action sports and skateboard companies

Ken is also one of the eight entrepreneurial marketers, including Guy Kawasaki (, Christos Cotsakos (E*Trade), Anita Roddick (The Body Shop), featured in an upcoming book titled, “Entrepreneurial Marketing: Real Stories & Survival Strategies” published by South-Western, a Division of Thomson Learning. Ken also is a regular guest speaker at Pepperdine University’s Executive MBA program.

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Technology Group Leader

Vince, an innovative and accomplished entrepreneur, brings decades of success and cutting-edge innovation to the table. His expertise lies in delivering foundational identity and trust framework solutions to health care, social care, and finance entities. With a background as an enterprise CIO and roots in software engineering, Vince is a key contributor and maintainer to core software fueling pioneering healthcare ventures.

In his impressive past, Vince served as the CIO for ISFA/INVEST, deploying 20,000 terminals during the S&L crisis. He also managed global pharmaceutical manufacturing for R. P. Scherer Corporation and founded a national Oracle-based consulting company servicing Fortune 50 process manufacturing companies.

Vince’s prowess in the payments sector shines through his role as Chief Architect and CIO of GratisCard Technologies. He successfully transitioned GratisCard to Revolution Money and ultimately oversaw its acquisition by American Express, powering Walmart’s Bluebird card. Moreover, Vince has extensive experience servicing hospitals and payers, and his technological platform for Amplefi catered to over 100 health and insurance clients. He specializes in optimizing throughput across constrained resources.

Passionate about trust frameworks that foster critical thinking, Vince actively participates in industry alliances. He founded the Oracle Process Manufacturer’s Users Group and the i2 Technologies Rhythm Users Group. Vince also holds a board membership at DirectTrust, where he spearheads the development of multiple ANSI standards and co-chairs the Trusted Instant Messaging Consensus Body.

On a personal front, Vince co-founded the Green Armada Foundation, recognized as People Magazine’s Environmental Heroes of the Year in 2007. Vince is also co-founder and CEO of OneNeighborhoodAmerica (ONA), a not-for-profit providing navigation services to the SMB market. ONA is an important part of the team returning $50M in government aid to small businesses in COVID-related disaster relief.

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christopher green

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Green is an experienced business leader with a distinguished career in the financial sector. He has successfully overseen over $8.5 billion in transactions across multiple industries around the world, including real estate, financial services, mining, hospitality, gaming, chemical and technology.

As Chief Financial Officer, Chief Investment Officer, Chief Capital Officer and Chief Operating Officer of world-renowned multi-billion dollar companies, Mr. Green’s knowledge and expertise have been integral to the success of companies across numerous countries such as the United States, Canada, China and Singapore. His excellent stewardship of investment banking and investment fund business units has been widely praised within the industry.

Currently he acts as a senior financial officer in the areas of capital markets, investment banking and investment funds management. Displaying formidable acumen in all areas of finance and investments related to his extensive portfolio of businesses, Mr. Green is a highly respected professional within the corporate and financial industries.

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steve aust

Chief Growth Officer & Director

Mr. Aust is a seasoned executive with 20 years of experience in venture capital, direct sales, and energy solutions. As the co-founder and president of Verdant, he passionately brought integrated solutions to the global market and helped raise over $100 million in Venture Capital for various direct sales companies – leading them through successful IPOs.

Steve’s expertise in strategic investments has led him to Board positions with Tall Ship Development Fund LLC, Agora Advantage, and advising several startups in financial planning, technology, and growth.

With an impressive background in Direct Sales, Financial Planning, Marketing Strategy, and Technology Strategy and a history as a collegiate and ex-professional basketball player, Steve understands the importance of team collaboration to make successful investments and reach success goals. He helps firms work together strategically and collaborate across businesses to foster unique problem-solving opportunities that have contributed to his companies’ successes in today’s competitive marketplace.

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Brad Hoffman

Business Group Leader & Director

Mr. Hoffman is a seasoned professional with more than 30 years of experience in business finance. He began his career at HH&A, a renowned financial services company catering to the unique needs of healthcare providers. His impressive acumen was instrumental in the 1995 merger of HH&A and IHRS, allowing them to provide even broader financial services.

In 1998, Brad joined Dubrow Kavanaugh Capital, LLC, paving the way for new business development and M&A due diligence projects. Subsequently, he became a part of Ashford Capital, LLC, where he collaborated with Japan’s largest venture capital firm – Hikari Capital.

With his vast expertise in structured finance, recapitalization transactions, and M&A deals in technology, healthcare, entertainment, and energy sectors, Mr. Hoffman has also served as a Managing Director at Galen Capital Corp., located in Washington D.C., as well as Drawbridge Special Opportunities and Assets Fund’s healthcare division at Fortress’s arbitrage arm. His remarkable success journey is complemented by UCLA & Pepperdine University degrees in Business Finance & Management.